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Sports and other activities

 School provides training in all sports and games during class hours and specially arranged camps during summer vacations. School has technically arranged football, ..... Read More

Martial Arts and Karate

The martial arts changes more than just your body – it can change your life. The unique combination of strenuous mental and physical training help individuals to ..... Read More


JRC Junior Red Cross Society is auxiliary to the government of India as well as being a member of International federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent. We encourage ..... Read More

School Band Team

There is a galvanic school band in Beeline, the music band rhythm which rends waves of exuberant taps. ..... Read More

Abacus Training Classes

To augment the mathematics acument abacus classes conduct which really sharpens mental ability of our students? ..... Read More

Music Classes

Music learning supports all learning. Researches have found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhance skills of other areas.   ..... Read More

Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and Counseling The school has a career guidance and counseling cell. Special care is taken to diagnose the academic backwardness of children in various areas. We ..... Read More

Civil Service Coaching

Civil Service foundation Coaching- It is a unique feature of Beeline Public School, ‘we believe in destination not in destiny’. School conducts Civil Service Foundation ..... Read More

School Library

School Library - "Reading maketh a complete man’. In order to promote reading, school has access to verity of resources. School library caters a model for enquiry ..... Read More

Computer Laboratory

Computer Lab - Computer skills allow a child to become exposed to new ways of learning using both their creative and logical thought processes. For the promotion of these ..... Read More

Mathematics Laboratory

Mathematics Laboratory- A fully fledged mathematical laboratory is set up to bring down the fear of learning mathematics. Basic and essential skills are learn through various ..... Read More

Science Laboratory

Science Laboratory - The school has well equipped science lab for physics, chemistry and biology. Science lab equipment allow students to interact directly with the data ..... Read More

Smart Class Rooms

Smart Class Rooms - In today’s versatile world marked by ever changing technology and decreased attention span. It’s vital to make the learning process innovative. ..... Read More

School Office

School Office Well furnished and systematically arranged administrative office includes Public Relations Officer, Office Secretary and accountant for the service of ..... Read More